Pain Relief Without Compromise

100% drug-free wearable neuromodulation

  • Lightweight, Wearable

    Enso is compact, portable and designed for patients to wear unobtrusively during exercise or daily activities.

    Lightweight, Wearable
  • Self-Adjusting

    One button press automatically delivers a therapeutic treatment intensity. No complicated settings.

  • Soothing Sensation

    Enso delivers electrical signals to suppress sensory and motor nerves in a way that reduces pain and muscle tension.

    Soothing Sensation

“The Enso experience is beautifully designed. My patients find it comfortable to use. It’s so simple and small I can actually expect my patients to stick to their regular treatments.” Dr. Robert Gamburd
Clinical Professor,
Stanford University

When will Enso be available to the general public?

Although we support purchasing additional pads and accessories online, the Enso device is not available for purchase without a physician recommendation at this time.

How are patients expected to use Enso?

Most of our patients participate in an existing treatment protocol where the goal is to achieve improved function or reduced medication usage.

What does Enso treatment feel like?

Enso's treatment may feel different to each user. Enso's patients may feel a light tingling sensation. At stronger intensities, a tingling combined with some muscle flexing might be felt.

What can Enso be used for?

Currently, we have a back-specific pad available for treating chronic mechanical back pain.